KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-1880K

WIG100 Pneumatic tool for spraying and injecting wax underseal into areas that are difficult to access, such as door cavities, inside box section chassis and around wheel arches. Has a 1 litre container with a ¼” NPT connection, operates from 90 - 145psi (6 - 10bar) air pressure with an air consumption rate of 380ltr/min and a vacuum of (maximum) 550mm HG. Supplied with 900mm spray hose and hanging hook.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-1570K

Kennedy Windscreen Wiper Arm Removal Tool

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-2820K

Filler Applicators

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7580K

Kenendy Panel Beating Dolly - Curved Dolly

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7500K

• Grid Dolly Manufactured from drop forged medium carbon steel (SAE/AISI 1055). • Heat-treated with a polished mirror finish. • For shrinking work. • With a large crowned grid face on the surface and a plain flat face on the base this dolly, combined with a shrinking hammer and the use of heat, provides quick and effective shrinking.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7520K

• Double-End Hand Dolly Manufactured from drop forged medium carbon steel (SAE/AISI 1055) • Heat-treated with a polished mirror finish. For reshaping crowned panels and general panel beating.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-3460K

• For repairing dents in body panels. • Supplied complete with self tapping pull screw for use where access to the rear of the panel is blocked by reinforcements or other parts, a range of steel hooks and pull curls for pulling the edges of panels and a chain and hook. • The long hammer shaft allows the pulling/striking force to be precisely controlled. • Contents: (1x) hammer (10lbs cast iron), 22.5Ø x 500 and 22.5Ø x 200mm pipes, 2 hole pipes, 6 x 170, 6 x 120, 6 x 200 and 3mm x 100mm plates, chain and hook, hex nut and blow moulded storage case.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-1200K

• Suitable for cutting holes in steel metal, steel, plastic and brass. • The hardened steel cutter is reversible increasing tool life. • adjusting the spring loaded centre point, screw accurately controls the depth of cut. • Allowing the top to be removed whilst leaving the lower panel in place.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7710K

• Ideal for separating spot-welded panels during repairs. • Stainless steel coated chrome vanadium with through tang shafts allow use with hammers. • Dual material soft grip handles for comfort and control. • Includes 90°, curved and straight seam splitters. • Cushioned handle absorbs any shock from hammer blows. • Made from super tough alloy steel.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-2810K

• Removes trim moulding around cemented windscreen and rear windows quickly and easily.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-2790K

• Removes door panel clips without breakage. • Simple action - insert the tool and push the clip out.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7560K

Kenendy Panel Beating Dolly - Toe Dolly (Low Crown Dolly)

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7540K

Kenendy Panel Beating Dolly - Utility Dolly

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7600K

Kenendy Panel Beating Dolly - Heel Dolly

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-503-7650K

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