Nylon Faced Safe Blow Hammers


SKU : KENNEDY : เครื่องมือช่าง KEN-527-2080K, KEN-527-2100K

Hard nylon faced hammer with 2 screw-on all purpose striking faces which can easily be replaced manually without the use of any other tools - minimising downtime.Hollow chrome plated zinc head partially filled with steel pellets which impact a split second after the hammer face, reducing rebound, fitted


  • with a fully moulded polypropylene shaft with soft feel dual material grip. There are no metal parts in the striking faces which could mar the workpiece as the head wears down.The striking faces are reinforced for extra strength and to prevent fracture form ‘off-target’ hits.Precision groves in the metal head prevent faces from vibrating loose during use.
ORDER CODE : KEN-527-2080K
  • Dace Diameter:44mm
  • Overall Length:340mm
ORDER CODE : KEN-527-2100K
  • Dace Diameter:50mm
  • Overall Length:340mm

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