Slide Hammer Puller Set KEN-503-3480K

รหัสสินค้า : KENNEDY : เครื่องมือออโต้เมทีฟ

Multi-function Fully hardened and chromed carbon steel slide hammer with a 1.2kg weight. Slide hammer design for removing bearings from blind housings. Suitable for use where a shaft or other solid surface is not available for a thrust bolt or hydraulic ram to push against. The bearing is removed by the impact action of the slide hammer weight hitting the stop at the end of the bar. The puller legs are securely located on the bearing by screwing down the tapered nut to lock the arms in position. Blow moulded storage case.




  • 1x T-bar.
  • 1x hammer.
  • 1x two jaw head.
  • 1x three jaw head.
  • 1x leg locking nut.
  • 1x grip wrench adaptor.
  • 1x tapping adaptor and hook.
  • 2x axle pullers.
  • 3x 120mm puller legs,
  • 3x screw and nut assemblies
ORDER CODE : KEN-503-3480K
  • Product Number : SHP8
  • Weight each : 8.20kg

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KENNEDY : เครื่องมือออโต้เมทีฟ

2 & 3 Jaw Reversible/Double Ended/Adjustable Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel. Each kit contains the components to assemble a 2 or 3 jaw external or internal puller. The legs can be set at two different height positions.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือออโต้เมทีฟ

SWP9 Steering Wheel Suitable for GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. Also suitable for removing pulleys and fly wheels.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือออโต้เมทีฟ

Extra Long Manufactured from drop forged hardened alloy steel. Three position extra long legs to be used where access is limited. The puller legs are securely located on the bearing by screwing down the tapered nut to lock the arms in position. The legs are then retracted with the bearing by turning the T-bar to extend the thrust bolt on to fixed shaft. Spread: 10 - 50mm. Reach: 300mm.

KENNEDY : เครื่องมือออโต้เมทีฟ

Always use a three jaw puller whenever possible. This produces better load distribution across the jaws and easier and safer removal of the part. Determine what ‘spread’ is needed this is the width of the part to be removed. The reach capacity is determined by the depth of the part to be removed.